Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PBP-2015 Here We Go

I don't know if I'm ready for Paris-Brest-Paris. I don't think any cyclist ever thinks they are perfectly trained for a big ride, but it's going to happen anyway.

We got in some solid training in July and early August, focusing on climbing. There are no mountain passes on PBP. I don't think we ever get much over 1000 feet above sea level. But the route is very, very lumpy so having some good climbing legs is helpful.

On July 18, Ken Billingsley, Ken Baker, and I rode the Shields Valley 200K which has nice climbs over Battle Ridge Pass, Bozeman Pass, and Joe Gaab Pass on Jackson Creek Road. We rode it hard-much harder than comfortable.
We were so fast we beat our volunteers to the Paradise Valley control.
Then on August 1st Ken, Ken, Karel Stroethoff, and Mark Liebig from North Dakota rode what was one of the hardest routes I've ever designed. The Chief Joseph 300K had six significant summits including Bear Creek Hill, the two summits on the Beartooth Highway at almost 11,000 feet, over and back on Colter Pass by Cooke City, and the horribly named Dead Indian Pass on the stunningly scenic Chief Joseph Highway. We had about 14,000 feet of climbing in 193 miles. The ride had the added benefit of being very hot around the Cooke City area-which I needed to make sure I knew how to regulate my salt intake (I need lots on hot rides).
At the foot of the pass-Chief Joseph Highway

I also rode with the Iron Cowboy, did some climbing by the Lewis and Clark Caverns, got in a hard paced club ride and a 100K permanent on a Friday night after work, staring at the same time PBP will start. It was all good for me.

I feel good. I'm excited, and ready to go. I will be looking forward to meeting up with Ken Billingsley, Karel Stroethoff, and Sam Collins in St. Quentin-en-Yvelines before the ride. I am proud that these guys used our brevet series to get themselves qualified.

My only real worry now is that my bike makes it on the plane and survives the trip. That is probably the biggest worry of every randonneur who is traveling overseas to France this week. For those who might be interested, you can track my progress HERE. I start riding at 6:45 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, August 16.


TommyBfromSC said...

Have a great, great ride!

Jason Karp said...


Eric Peterson said...

Not sure I'm ready either, lots of riding in June/July, plus I did the Crater Lake 1000K last year as a test, that ride went fine. Similar to PBP in some ways.

See you there JK, we are starting behind you at 8:00 PM.
Where are you staying?
Eric Peterson

Jason Karp said...

Hi Eric. We're at the Novel National Golf for one night then an air Bibb in Versailles after that. I'll look for you.

Dylan Taylor said...

Good luck and have a fun ride Jason!