Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bert Karp Memorial Populaire a Big Success!

The Bert Karp Memorial Populaire was a great success. 13 riders started and 13 riders finished and received their populaire pin. The effort was led by my family either as riders or support staff, and we were joined by local riders, and fellow randonneurs. The weather was nearly perfect-especially on the easy downhill cruise to Three Forks. It did get a little hot on the way back, but everybody made it in with plenty of time to spare. It was just a wonderful day to be outside and to remember our mom and all the great things she did for us, including supporting a bunch of bicycle rides. A huge thanks to all who came out and rode, or supported. How’s about we do it all again next year! Results here  and  lots of photos by Clay Karp here.

Jody Schmidt on her longest ride by about 20 miles.  She worked hard to gain fitness and finshed with lots of time to spare.
Ken and Heath Billingsley, Karel Stroethoff, and Chris Malloy on Davis Lane just leaving Bozeman.
Travis Karp, Laurent Lord, and Scott Lawson all finished in under 4 hours-which is really fast considering they had some slow path riding and stops at the controls.
Erik Kirsch and Brian Schmidt on Cameron Bridge Road
Walt Burns easily had the most beautiful bike in the field.  A real work of art.
Tyler Schmidt flying along.  14 year old Ty was our youngest rider.
Karel and me chatting along.  Karel just finished a 1200k earlier in the week so this was a recovery ride, and I'm usually not in a hurry.