Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in the rear view mirror

It was a good year-lots of accomplishments. My first year as an RBA and the rides went very well. Also, my first 1000k (see my last blog post), which was a huge and rewarding challenge.

Winter took a while to get to Montana this year, but when it arrived it decided to stay put. As per usual, I've put on a few extra holiday pounds. The good news is, some lingering cycling maladies such as a sore right arm and a couple of numb toes on my right foot are feeling much better. I don't think an extended break off the bike is necessarily a bad thing-not that I'm not jealous of those randonneurs who keep on piling up brevets, permanents, and R-12 awards in the winter months. My wife and I are going to be doing a little cross-training in January-running, cross-country skiing, and weights. There's also the indoor bike, but that's probably the toughest exercise to get motivated for.

2011 is going to be huge for me. I've got a full brevet series to host-plus a couple of extra brevets for good measure, and I am intending to go to France to ride Paris-Brest-Paris in August. A lot of logistics to work out between now and then-of which I am working on already.

My brevet schedule is up on my brevets website. The only major change so far is a possible change in location for the 300k from Billings to Cody, WY-brought on because of extensive road construction. Stay tuned!