Monday, September 22, 2014

2015 Schedule

I still owe this blog ride reports for this season's Beartooth 600K and Yellowstone National Park 200K.  I'll eventually get those done.  In the meantime we have to get next season's schedule posted. 2015 is a Paris-Brest-Paris year so we must get our brevet series done by the end of June.  Here's what we've come up with:

April 25-200K (Missoula-Frenchtown-Hamilton)
May 9-300K (Laurel-Columbus-Fishtail-Red Lodge)
June 6-400K (Belgrade-Bozeman-Whitehall)
June 20-600K (Helena-Great Falls-Double Divide)
July 4-100K (Bozeman-Bert Karp Memorial Populaire)
July 18-200K (Bozeman or Belgrade)*
August 1-300K (Beartooth Pass)*

*I moved the ride over Beartooth Pass from the 200K to the 300K due to a conflict with the Beartooth motorcycle rally.  We don't want to ride the pass with 10,000 Harleys.

For a look at what other nearby regions are doing, checkout Norm Carr's spreadsheet showing the combined schedules for the Oregon Randonneurs, Seattle International Randonneurs, Desert River Randonneurs (Tri-Cities, Washington), and our Montana schedule. There's lots of opportunities to get the brevet series done and qualify for PBP!