Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Brevets getting closer!

My first brevet as a RBA, the Sheilds Valley 200k, on June 19 is pretty much ready to go. I have all the pertinent info on my brevet website. It should be an amazing ride. Please contact me with any questions.

My other brevet, the Tobacco Roots 300k, will be on July 10. There's a couple of bridges under construction between Belgrade and Three Forks that may cause some minor detours that could make the ride a little bit longer (but no less spectacular). I'll keep an eye on it-and hopefully we'll be able to get through the construction without any issues.

I hope to get both routes (or significant portions thereof) pre-ridden before the ride dates-that is if spring ever comes to southwestern Montana. It's been a little slow in coming. Until then-here's a couple of preview photos:

One of the many scenic views on the Sheilds Valley 200k

Looking back towards Ennis on the Tobacco Roots 300k