Thursday, June 11, 2015

Glaciers to Geysers 1023K RUSA Brevet June 30-July 3, 2015

View from the Going to the Sun Highway on a 300K brevet in 2012

What started out as a permanent has morphed into a RUSA 1023K brevet.

The Glaciers to Geysers 1023K permanent was the brainchild of Seattle Randonneur John Pearch who wanted to continue riding after completing the Portland to Glacier 1000K Brevet. The Portland-Glacier 1000K will be run from June 26-29 from Portland, Oregon to Whitefish, Montana.

The Glaciers to Geysers 1023K takes off from Whitefish, MT on June 30 at 5AM. The route takes the Going to the Sun Highway through Glacier National Park and then passes through Great Falls and Livingston, Montana on the way to the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The route through Yellowstone takes in all the major attractions including the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone Lake and Old Faithful before exiting the park at West Yellowstone, Montana. The ride finishes in Big Sky, Montana with time running out at 9:44 AM on Friday, July 3.

If you are interested in this ride feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with John.

The cue sheet is HERE  The entry form and waiver are HERE

Profile info is HERE

The Route Map-broken into three segments is here:

Day 1:


Rando Richard said...

How about a RWGPS link of the entire ride?

Anonymous said...

Has the road between West Thumb and Old Failthful been opened? Last I'd heard it was closed to cyclists for a bridge replacement.

Jason Karp said...

Hi Richard. John did all the mapping, I think he can get you a map of the entire route.

Jason Karp said...

The road between West Thumb and Old Faithful opened yesterday. All Yellowstone Park roads are now open. The road from Mammoth to Norris is under construction, but that is off our route. Also, the Going to the Sun Road is scheduled to be fully open on June 19.

Kenneth Samuel said...

Are you considering this Richard? That week works well for me, I'm very tempted!

Jason Karp said...

Let me know of any help with logistics. Ride to the airport, shuttle from Big Sky, you can mail a bike box to my house, etc. We'd be glad to help in any way we can.

John Pearch said...

I created a new link in Ride With GPS that includes all 3 days in 1 file. Although, I kept the cues in for end/start of each day. Hope that helps.

Rando Richard said...

Yes, Jason, Kenneth and I seriously considering it.