Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I hope it's enough

On Sunday, May 10 I successfully rode my "Search for Plummer's Gold" route for the second time. The route is quite challenging with three progressively steep climbs over Harrsion Hill, Norris Hill, and Virginia City Hill. The latter being a 10 mile-long monster of a climb-possibly one of the toughest hills in southwest Montana. At 147 miles and an entire lap around the Tobacco Root Mountains, it's nice long day. The purpose of the ride was to get some good solid training in for my third brevet of the year-a 400K (250+ mile) ride out of Ephrata, Washington scheduled for the next weekend (May 16). The route of the 400+km ride looks to be incredibly scenic (as most of Washington is) and challenging, including Loup Loup Pass-which is pretty famous among long distance cyclists-and Grand Coulee Dam. I'm looking forward to the ride. I just hope I have enough gas in the tank to finish it-I've never gone over 200 miles in one bike ride so this will be a new personal record. If I can complete the ride within the 27 hour time limit, I will have completed three of the four brevets in a super randonneur series (200k, 300K, 400k, and 600k)-leaving the 600k for later this summer.

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