Monday, April 20, 2009

Brevet training...or brevet cramming?

I'm planning to ride a 300km (186 mile) brevet on May 2, 2009 in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. It will be my second brevet in a series of four to complete a full randonneur series (I completed the 200km in January in Arizona). But with the horrible weather in March, my training was set back about three weeks, so instead of an incrimental series of training rides to regain fitness and lose my winter blubber I went from a 65 mile ride last week to my 126 mile Hollowtop Permanent this week. The result was predictable. I was slow. But I did get the 126 mile ride in and I know I will benefit from the effort in the next couple of weeks. My biggest weakness was the hills. I was terribly slow-having to spin my way up in low gears even on the tamest of inclines. I think I will spend the few remaining training opportunities between now and May 2 doing some climbing work. I have to get in shape fast-after the 300km I'm hoping to get the 400km brevet completed on May 16. That ride will be out of Ephrata, Washington. I sort of feel like I'm cramming for a test-which really is what's happing (the word "brevet" means certificate in French after all-which one achieves after passing a test).

I did manage to map my Hollowtop 200 Ride for the Bicycling Magazine website. The result of my mapping is here.

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